Sunday, June 15, 2008

Resonance and Contrast

Some images from the exhibition at Gympie Regional Gallery RESONANCE AND CONTRAST. Participating artists were, Ellen Appleby, Susie Blue, Tony Grimshaw, Lynette Eddy, Wesley Denic, Christene Hayes, Anna Howard, Vit Martinek, Linda Perry, Kathy Gould, Carolyn Ritchie

Lifting the Veil

houses, shelters, pavilions – places of women
white female figures on pillars, women on pedestals
decorated with inscriptions by MY community of women
shrouded with blood red silk tents, fragile veils reflecting those strengths that bond all women
resonating with Islamic women who live behind their veils
resonating with the women of the Red Tent where they menstruated, gave birth, talked, loved, quarreled, raised children and dealt with their illnesses

in our western influenced society these veils are transparent for those who want to listen and see, and can be lifted for those who want to share

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