Monday, April 21, 2014

New Blog for Ellen's Ceramics

I am now blogging all my ceramics on a site that is linked to my website, so all my new posts will be there.  It can be found on the top menu on my website, and  links into my Facebook page, so updates can be easily found. Enjoy.

I might update this blog from time to time with more personal entries, just so I have somewhere to write to.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Successful exhibition at Harbourside Gallery

We had a wonderful soiree on Sunday, with friends from Noosa and Brisbane braving the heat, for my small get together at the gallery. The work was so well received so that you to everyone for such positive feedback. I am thinking about what I want to move forward with now. I am loving the photos on the pots, and working with Photoshop to modify the images so they will be stronger on the pots. And I am so excited about the layered slips technique that Lana Wilson showed us during Spring Fever, and have lots of ideas of things I want to try to extend that technique.
More photos on my website

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Good news day

What a day of good news.

The lovely Maya at Rosebed Gallery posted on Facebook that half my little bug vases have sold, a nice surprise.

And an even bigger surprise was to learn that I won two awards at the Bribie Island Potters Competition. First prize for the little clown "The Fish Rule, Okay?" and Commended for the bowl "Laguna Bay, Grass Trees and Roses".

Quite a day. I'm so stoked, honoured, humbled and excited.

Now back to the studio and hope those drying pots don't crack overnight as I want to bisque them tomorrow.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Kerrie Lowe Christmas Exhibition and visit to Tanya Bechara

I had a fabulous time in Sydney. Staying with Amy Orsatti was such a treat, with her gorgeous little Jax, and her wonderful husband. Saw Bangarra Dance and Waiting for Godot, and got to know the bus system in Sydney, where I can travel anywhere for $2.50 (one of the benefits of being a senior!).

The Kerrie Lowe Opening was so full, so much amazing ceramics and a huge crowd. Anna Ryland was my host for the day, and we went to see Tanya Bechara's pottery, some Australiana work, with a contemporary twist. Great to meet you Tanya!

What incredible potters all in one place, in this photo Amanda Schelsher, Mollie Bosworth, Cathi Franzi and Elaine Bradley, wow. 

My work in the front, some Memento Bowls and "The Fish Rule, Okay" series of porcelain clowns on bikes.

The fabulous Anna - can see my work a bit better in this photo. Some of my bug vases on the right too. 

With Anna and Amy

At the amazing Tanya's pottery. Some of it reminds me of Merrick and Lucy Boyd's work. 

Thanks Anna for the photos (which also can be see on Anna's blog

Something About Africa

Phew - it's done and the little 3D gallery at Harbourside is oozing Africa images. My vessels are covered with beautiful reeds and water that are a result of moving layered slips around on the clay surface which complement the fabulous images (laser decals) of the animals, landscape and people of Namibia and Africa. So many wonderful memories are evoked in my mind by these images.

Little tree bowls with one of my favourite images of elephants frolicking in the waterholes.

Gold decals on vessels that talk about the trees

Zebra and giraffes above the waters of the Chobe River

More animals over the reeds of the Okavanga

Kobu our wonderful chef in Hwange Park, Zimbabwe, who can make gourmet dinners over an open fire. A Harere woman in the background, a displaced tribe from Namibia.

Vessels and butterflies

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New work, new exhibitions

What happened to the last 4 weeks! Well lots of time in the studio with my head down, and some new work emerging.

Two exhibitions on the horizon, first is at Kerrie Lowe from 29th November to 24th December, and I am going to spend a few days in Sydney enjoying the delights of the big city and staying with the lovely Amy Orsatti. The second is at Harbourside called "Something about Africa", and I'll post more about that next week as work is still emerging from the kiln.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Now 'Based In Noosa' is on Etsy

I am slowly building up a range of work to sell on Etsy on my shop, called Based In Noosa. Do take a look, and tell your friends.