Sunday, June 15, 2008

Resonance and Contrast

Our exhibition opening was yesterday and it was terrific. Lots of friends, lots of talk, and lots of interest in our work.

My artist's statement:

For many years I have been interested in women across the world: their work, their lives, their secrets and their communities. I am fascinated by women who need and form strong bonds and communities especially Moslem women.

I also love Islamic design and some months ago I started to make ceramic houses that reflect this style.

As this exhibition loomed nearer I started to ask myself how I might weave together these interests. It was like putting together the pieces of puzzle: I had the houses. I had female figures from a slip cast mould. How could I weave these into a meaningful installation?
Finally the answer was simple.
I asked my women friends for their help by writing the words that you see on the plinths and pillars: a stream of consciousness, a phrase, a poem or a few words that were meaningful to them. I wanted words from their heart. Maybe their writing would reflect their relationships with families and friends, particularly women. I wanted this to be a celebration of their womanhood with its joy and sadness.

What you see here in figures, words, houses and veils is my interpretation of the heartfelt words they gave me. I love its rich metaphors within the colour, fragility of the figures and strength of the dwellings. I love how it responds to and celebrates the community of women who are my friends.

I hope this work resonates with you as it does with me.

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