Friday, March 22, 2013

Towards my open studio

Tomorrow and Sunday I will be having an open studio, so today was cleaning and tidying. I'll take photos when people are visiting (hopefully people will visit), but I thought I'd better get this week's post done today, as it might get a little crazy tomorrow.

I have just got home from the launch of the artist register - a website and poster of over 80 artists who live and work in the northern end of the Sunshine Coast. Over 30 of these will be holding open studios tomorrow.

Fox, my partner, did the honours, and launched the artist register, website, and open studios, and so many artists meant it was a big event, with fire twirlers and a young saxophone player. Lots of friends to catch up with... so many artists in this part of the world.

I love how my new camera takes panorama shots - I couldn't resist taking this one!

Trish Bradford speaking at the launch - the artist register was her baby, 
and she did all the work - onya Trish!

Fox waxing lyrical, after all he is a poet

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Anna said...

what a friendly looking crowd - good luck to the artist register :^)