Friday, March 15, 2013

Bees and extruded clay

We are extruded out! 72 blocks of clay have been extruded (thanks to the two amazon women Liana, and Lane - love you girls), and support in all sorts of ways by myself and Linda. It's for our installation/ephemeral sculpture called Apis: Lessons from the Bees for Floating Land 2013.

A big, big task, the whole project grew... and now we have a monster, but it is pretty exciting and we are hopeful that it will be enjoyed by lots of people.

Thanks to our TAFE for use of the extruder, even though Linda and Liana are still enrolled in the advanced diploma we have all been dropping in over the last few weeks.

Will post more on the sculpture as is emerges, we are not giving too much away at the moment, as it could change...

It is described as a hexagonal, interactive, ephemeral, abstract hive - quite a mouthful, but such an interesting process. It will staged at Boreen Point, just north of Noosa from 31st May to 9th June. Community workshops to make bees to go into the hive will be on the 31st May and 1st June. This is my fourth Floating Land that I have been involved in a major Land Art project and I just love doing them.

The gorgeous Liana working out a few dimensions.

First ideas... structural challenges, but we love looking through the hexagons - on the beach we'll be able to see the lake.

The fabulous Lane doing a workout on the extruder - this was the LAST bag of clay, a momentous occasion

The marvelous Linda getting into the terracotta blocks.

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Anna said...

I remember you talking about this - sounds like a heap of work but it will be amazing!