Monday, April 8, 2013

Gaudy Welsh Revisited - Taste of Art 2013

Name of work: Gaudy Welsh Revisited
Medium:  porcelain, glazes, stains, decals, multi-firings
Price: $120
Size: 20x17x10cm

This bowl is part of a series called “Mementos – Contemporary Heirlooms” which is a modern interpretation of the traditional British style Gaudy Welsh, which uses fine porcelain, stains, decals and multi-firing techniques. It is a response my childhood memories of flower gardens in the UK , the delicacy of the china in my mother’s cabinet, and my interests as a maturing contemporary artist in Australia. A recent ceramics residency in China provided me with the strong stains that run with the glazes, and insights into how young Chinese ceramic artists are combining contemporary and traditional ceramics practices.

Ellen Appleby 8 April 2013


Anna said...

Hi Ellen
These are wonderful! did you bring the decals back from China too?
Also congratulations on the inclusion of your clown in the latest JAC edition.

Ellen Appleby said...

Thanks Anna - yes I was rapt about the inclusion of my little acrobat in the latest JAC - a really big image! I buy the decals on ebay or through the decal specialist (mainly the specials1), There was not a great selection of decals that I would use in China, and many were high firing decals, there were not many shops with low fired ones, I guess because they are not used so much on the table ware there. See you Gulgong.

Lori Buff said...

That is a really beautiful piece. Well done.

Ellen Appleby said...

I have to tell you it has sold already. Looks like these bowls resonate...

Work Of Our Hands said...

Beautiful ! Like a "crazy quilt" in clay :)