Thursday, March 7, 2013

Computer Blues (Happy ones)

I seem to have spent the last 2 days in front of my computer(s), not what I intended for my retirement to my ceramics studio, but I guess promotion is part of the journey too. I did lots of promotion of other artists, Harbourside Gallery, Kenilworth Artist Run Initiative (KaRi) and my latest adventure with Salon D'Art and Khushions with some new artist friends who I am finding really inspiring. Maybe 2 days in front of a computer was well worth it!


Elaine Bradley said...

It was constructive time even though you created nothing tangible. Well done

Ellen Appleby said...

I know Elaine, I know!

Beatrice Prost said...

on behalf of myself Beatrice, another Artist of the Salon d'Art...merci beaucoup!