Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back in my studio after Africa

It feels like months since I was blogging - about 2 months actually. We had some amazing adventures in Africa, and we have posted images and commentary on our Ellepfantiks blog

Soooo many experiences in the 5 weeks I was in Africa, and I will be digesting it for a while, as I plan my next exhibition at Harbourside Gallery in December. There will be something about Africa in it, not sure what yet.

Meanwhile the Memento bowls and vases have been moving out of the galleries and shops, and I am warming up my pottery fingers again by replacing the work there.

What is interesting me most is some new sculptural work - clowns and acrobats, in porcelain this time, and I'm working on some new decoration as well. It will evolve. Here is the first macquette...

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