Saturday, August 25, 2012

Equilibrium - The Opening!!

What an enjoyable opening - lots of old friends and new, good food and wine, and chats about art! Thanks to everyone for coming - especially Anna and Mike who came all the way from Sydney!
The clowns and acrobats loved being seen.
The paintings of clowns and acrobats by Chris Brown were also fabulous. The dark, creepy clowns (like the Joker!!), and the light acrobats full of movement, really complemented the ceramic sculptures.

Anna, Ellen V, Ellen A (me) and Chris

Chris and friends

Mike, Anna and Ellen with the clowns!

Ellen with Vit - KaRi collaborators

Visitors to the exhibition


Linda Starr said...

Your clowns are super, congrats on a great opening.

defygames said...

very interesting post.

Anna said...

And a great opening it was! Hope the rest of the time it's on show will be just as successful for you :^)

Unknown said...

Hope, we will be going to be proof of your more nice creative wall decorations in future events. If possible I'll be going to buy some of them...

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