Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Midnight ramblings

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Last week on Monday I learnt more about silversmithing, and I am very excited about making silver and porcelain jewellery. So Tuesday I HAD to go to Brisbane to buy some silversmithing equipment, then get online to order silver. All the suppliers have been so helpful and informative, as a complete newbie to working with silver, it was refreshing to be so supported.

My work has been selling at Harbourside Gallery, so had to clean the studio after the craziness of setting up It's All About Balance exhibition, which took a few days, before I can start making again. Then I realised that the office needed a good clean out too, which took another couple of days. I cleaned out ALL my old uni study folders (the PhD that never was written up completely), which was a big decision. But other priorities in my life now...

This week I was off to Maroochydore  to find a new supplier for the black boxes for my vases and bowls.  And to buy gorgeous watercolour paper ready for a workshop in a couple of weeks with the wonderful water colour artist Ann Millard, I can't wait.

Finally today, my new Macbook Pro was ready. I love Apple computers (I grew up with them from the first models in the mid 1980s, after the Commodore and Amiga computers). This new one still delights me, it's clever and fast with a long battery life, and it can do things I could never have dreamt my old Apple II could have done.  I have a big iMac but need a laptop as I plan to start travelling around Australia and get out bush before too long.  Big plans ahead.

And this weekend we are camping and kayaking in the Cooloola National Park. So life rolls on, and I next week I hope to get back into the studio with renewed energy and fresh ideas (always ideas...)

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