Saturday, September 3, 2011

New initiatives

I'm excited. In the last month I have been invited to join two different artist run collectives.

While I will produce work for whoever can sell it for me, my beliefs really align with artist-run collectives, as there is so much excellent work being created by local artists that would never make it into the "galleries". The Australia Council and other funding bodies are keen to see such initiatives increase, and in this part of the Sunshine Coast, we are showing the way.

The first collective is the Harbourside Gallery at the Noosa Marina Tewantin. This is run by a well established group of local Noosa artists and the gallery started over a year ago, but has been in limbo for a few months. It was reopened a couple of weeks ago. It is in the most fabulous location on the marina with views of the Noosa river and is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and a Sunday market. There is some wonderful artwork on display in the gallery and I have some of my Inspired installation for sale and will be putting some lit totems in there in the next couple of weeks.. I will also be running a jewellery making workshop in November (more information to follow).

The second is the Kenilworth Artist Run Initiative (KARI). This is located in a very beautiful gallery in the heart of Kenilworth. I have joined the collective, and will be putting some work in their first anniversary show called KARI Collection. The exhibition will be on show from 19th September with an official opening will be on Saturday 24th September at 11.00am, and will run until Sunday 20th October. The opening coincides with the Kenilworth Arts Awards.

Check out their website and artists:

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Anna said...

Good luck. Is it just for the exhibition space or is there a workshop? The Innercity Clayworkers in Sydney that run the Teapot Show each year have been going as a cooperative for over 20 years now - people join and leave but they have maintained the gallery for all that time. I hope yours is as successful :^)