Monday, December 2, 2013

Something About Africa

Phew - it's done and the little 3D gallery at Harbourside is oozing Africa images. My vessels are covered with beautiful reeds and water that are a result of moving layered slips around on the clay surface which complement the fabulous images (laser decals) of the animals, landscape and people of Namibia and Africa. So many wonderful memories are evoked in my mind by these images.

Little tree bowls with one of my favourite images of elephants frolicking in the waterholes.

Gold decals on vessels that talk about the trees

Zebra and giraffes above the waters of the Chobe River

More animals over the reeds of the Okavanga

Kobu our wonderful chef in Hwange Park, Zimbabwe, who can make gourmet dinners over an open fire. A Harere woman in the background, a displaced tribe from Namibia.

Vessels and butterflies

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