Monday, December 2, 2013

Kerrie Lowe Christmas Exhibition and visit to Tanya Bechara

I had a fabulous time in Sydney. Staying with Amy Orsatti was such a treat, with her gorgeous little Jax, and her wonderful husband. Saw Bangarra Dance and Waiting for Godot, and got to know the bus system in Sydney, where I can travel anywhere for $2.50 (one of the benefits of being a senior!).

The Kerrie Lowe Opening was so full, so much amazing ceramics and a huge crowd. Anna Ryland was my host for the day, and we went to see Tanya Bechara's pottery, some Australiana work, with a contemporary twist. Great to meet you Tanya!

What incredible potters all in one place, in this photo Amanda Schelsher, Mollie Bosworth, Cathi Franzi and Elaine Bradley, wow. 

My work in the front, some Memento Bowls and "The Fish Rule, Okay" series of porcelain clowns on bikes.

The fabulous Anna - can see my work a bit better in this photo. Some of my bug vases on the right too. 

With Anna and Amy

At the amazing Tanya's pottery. Some of it reminds me of Merrick and Lucy Boyd's work. 

Thanks Anna for the photos (which also can be see on Anna's blog


Anna said...

happy to be a part of your venture into the Sydney Ceramics Scene and hope we can do it again one day..

Anna said...

a lovely day shared with lovely women :)

Lori Buff said...

That looks like a great show, it's so much fun to visit with other potters too.