Saturday, May 31, 2008

Balancing Act

This quirky little sculpture called "Balancing Act" was part of the exhibition "The Art of the Chair" at Noosa Regional Gallery in May 2008.

It is made from local clay from the Cooroy Brickworks, mixed with ball clay and bentonite to increase its plasticity. The glazes are fired at 920oC and originated from Lana Wilson and John Chalke. My glazes have higher frit content to increase their stability.

I love the Lana Wilson Chartreuse Yellow glaze but the original recipe I found leached lithium if it gets wet. It improves with the addition of 10% frit (4063 or 4810) and a couple of coats of sealer. It is not a scupture suitable for outside but direct sunlight does not affect the glazes.

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