Thursday, June 6, 2013

We are buzzing at Floating Land

So much is happening, still. Floating Land is well underway, and last week I completely missed blogging as I was building bee hives on the shores of Lake Cootharaba. So here's a taste of what we did. Lots of bee makers created the most AMAZING bees to live in our 6 hives. Bee makers of all ages buzzed along all last weekend, and there are now hundreds of bees in the hives.

The team - Liana, Lane, Linda and me (on the right)

Hives waiting for the bees to arrive

A dedicated bee creator

Bees waiting to go into the hives

Bees in the hives

This is my fav bee

Or maybe this on is my fav...

Another dedicated bee maker carefully finding a home for his bee

Great photos through the hexagons.

In the rain the hives started to collapse... just like in real life....

Hives at night, they were magical


Lori Buff said...

Very cool project, I love it.

smartcat said...

Absolutely delightful!

Anna said...

great to see the outcome of what was just plans 12 months ago. Love the concentration of that young bee maker :^)

Ellen Appleby said...

The young ( and old) bee makers were so dedicated! Some made lots of bees and very carefully out them in the hive as a family. Very cute. They also told us stories about the bees and the hives... It really triggered their imaginations.