Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun with printed slabs

I made a big bucket of slip yesterday from MFQ clay - I love this process, and how I can change thick creamy slip into runny, watery slip with a few drops of dispex, then how it goes thick again until I whizz it with the stick blender. Very satisfying!

Then I painted a slab with coloured slips (a bit of printing too with some foam stamps) and poured the slip onto the slab, let it dry a bit, and then I had a painted slab. I did something a bit tricky and also managed to printed the back of the slab too (I was a bit proud of myself I must admit).

I've been making patchwork bowls recently (which means I can make bowls and cups with my printed or embossed clay without losing the pattern), and so I started to play with the slabs and stamps.

Resulting small bowls are looking promising, and will hopefully fit into my black square boxes ready for the shops.

What better to do on a wet and rainy day?

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Anna said...

hi Ellen
your bowls are great. Do you buy your boxes locally? I'm looking for a supplier that will sell small lots..(Qty and size)