Saturday, December 22, 2012

In Cahoots Opening last Saturday

It has been such a busy week, although I can't remember what has been happening! I did get an iPad which I have been playing with (maybe that's where the time went). Hmmm.

Anyway one thing that did happen was the In Cahoots opening last Saturday - a lovely get together at the KaRi Gallery in Kenilworth. We had a lot of fun and took some silly photos... well it is nearly Christmas.

A few more images on the KaRi blog
And check out the new KaRi website (built by moi and Wix) on
 (still work to do on the artists' pages)

Don't forget to check out Mud Colony - lots of things happening with the ceramicists who post there.

Me, Vit, Yeats and Rick at the opening
Anna loving the opening and showing off her fabulous painting

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Anna said...

seeing the KARI space brought back some good memories - have a lovely Christmas