Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Workshops in my studio

I have a dedicated small group of emerging ceramicists who come into my studio for a few hours each week. It's really fun to work with others and share ideas and skills.

We have been exploring printing techniques on clay, and on Monday I taught (for the first time I must add), glazing. It's amazing how teaching something is a way to make sure you know it yourself, and can explain it clearly - great for crystallising and expanding personal thinking about something. I should have known this from my years as a teacher in schools and universities, but somehow when I'm teaching ceramics it seems even more poignant. Maybe it's the emotional engagement and passion to create.

So if anyone in the Sunshine Coast area is interested in joining my small group, please email me.  If you would like to do a short residency in Noosa, that could be arranged too. There is fantastic accommodation in Noosa and it's off season and much cheaper at the moment.



Anna said...

a few months before I'm in the area but perhaps if you are still running the groups I might be able to join in :^)

Ellen Appleby said...

I hope so!! Email me when you know dates.