Saturday, October 3, 2009

Green copper pandanus bowls, porcelain thin

Fan bowl. Fans look like the leaves of the Pandanus tree.
This is the first of new exploration into shapes I can make with overlapping clay leaves and inlaid design.

Pandanus vase, with copper oxide and clear glaze, the copper runs into the joins and relief of the design.

This porcelain bowl rings like a bell. I just love it. It was hard to photograph as the design is really subtle, so you'll have to come along and see it at TheEumundiGallery ( during October.


Anna said...

Love the Pandanas one. What porcelain are you using? Is it clear glazed?

Ellen Appleby said...

Hi Anna
I use cool ice porcelain clay because my kiln at home will only fire to cone 6, and this clay is beautifully white and transluscent at that temperature. I brush on copper oxide solution onto the bisqued ware then use a clear glaze ontop.