Sunday, September 6, 2009

Onto Gallery Eumundi

Onwards and upwards, my jewellery will be on show in October. How neat to be able to try out decorative print techniques on luscious Cool Ice without wasting too much clay!

Opening of 'Rowley Drysdale introduces The Artists of Quixotica',
at Gallery Eumundi on Saturday 10 October 2009, at 6 pm.

Other artists:
Tony Grimshaw, Wez Denic, Barry Tate, Julie Wall, Kari, Stephen Roberts, Liz Cels, Mark O'Neill, Kim Se Wan (Korea), Laura MacLean (Canada), Paul Davis (NSW, Australia), James Seet (Malaysia), myself and Rowley Drysdale.

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Anonymous said...

As you know, I love those brooches ....